The Patient Guide to Vasectomy Reversal

Download the Vasectomy Reversal Guide from dr. fisch

PGtoVasectomyReversal.pngThe Patient Guide to Vasectomy Reversal has been written to assist men who want to restore their fertility through vasectomy reversal surgery. 

Designed in a simple question and answer format to address particular concerns, the guide expands on issues that need to be understood before proceeding with a vasectomy reversal.  The purpose of the Patient Guide to Vasectomy Reversal is to:  

  • Familiarize men with the procedures, from the initial examination through vasectomy reversal surgery and the post-operative period; and 
  • Help lessen the apprehension that can accompany the decision-making process around a vasectomy reversal.

If you’re contemplating a vasectomy reversal in New York and would like to discuss it with Dr. Harry Fisch, please contact us to schedule a consultation.